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Scaffold for Sale in Crawley | The Correct Use of Scaffolding Equipment

NonMech is a proud local stockist of scaffolding equipment and scaffolding supplies. Located in Guildford, we have scaffold for sale to customers in all surrounding areas including Crawley. Scaffold boards and scaffold tubes play a vital role in the field of building and construction. Only a competent person can erect and dismantle this equipment. Use it incorrectly, and it could injure contractors or the public.

While we have scaffold boards for sale, and scaffold tubes, we at NonMech also stock and supply a full range of scaffolding supplies which help maintain a strong onsite safety culture.

In recent times, a company in the London area received a six-figure fine after their scaffolding equipment collapsed during the dismantling process. The cause was a lack of safety awareness. We wouldn’t wish this on any of our customers or their contractors, either in Crawley or any of the other areas we currently cover with sale and hire services.

When you have scaffold for sale like we do, it’s important to guide buyers on how to use it safely, and on who is considered competent enough to erect and dismantle it.

Scaffolding Safety Training

After a Health & Safety Executive investigation, it was deemed that the collapse mentioned above happened due to a failure in safety training and staff receiving inadequate instructions. Because we have scaffold boards for sale, and scaffold tubes, we are always aware of incidents like this in our sector. Sadly, this accident is far from being an isolated one and there have been other recorded events in recent years.

While nobody was injured in the London incident, thankfully, this came down to luck. When you use scaffolding equipment or scaffolding supplies on projects in Crawley, we want you to do so in the safest, and the most professional way, possible.

Safety training is more important now than ever, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic where some scaffolders may not have worked for a while, or may have lapsed in their training, their qualifications or their accreditations. If you run a scaffolding company, we advise that you put your staff through refresher training, and that you also assign new personnel to sit safety courses with the CITB.

While we only have scaffold for sale and don’t physically use it ourselves, we still have a moral responsibility to keep you, and anybody using a scaffold tower, protected.

Scaffolding Supplies | Safety Tips

So, how do contractors make the use of scaffolding equipment safer, and what can they do to protect those who will use the tower, or those who will be in its vicinity. We’re sure that you want your Crawley site to be compliant with all current safety initiatives, and with legislation set by the HSE. NonMech might be best known for having scaffold boards for sale, and scaffolding supplies, but site safety matters to us.

Here are a few tips on getting safe use from scaffold boards, scaffold tubes and any related equipment:

Protect the Public – Make protecting the public a priority by excluding them from the work area and blocking all access to scaffolding equipment. Consider applications for temporary road or path closures, or erect and dismantle during less busy hours. Use barriers and signage to guide the public safely.

Work at Height – Follow all current specifications for safe work at height to protect against falls. Examples we could give for your project in Crawley might include using the correct width of board, single guardrails when erecting or dismantling, and making sure all scaffolders wear harnesses.

Scaffold Stability – The scaffolding supplies you use need to be properly secured to prevent collapses. Secure towers to a structure using anchors which are correct for the base material and check these again before tagging the job. We advise not to remove these too early when dismantling.

With scaffold for sale to customers in Crawley, London, the Home Counties and the South East region, NonMech is the name to trust for anything non-mechanical. We have scaffold boards for sale, scaffold tubes, and the vital safety equipment you need to keep people protected. NonMech also stocks branded ancillary products from Scaffeze and Scaffbrite.

We’re here to help you maintain an impeccable safety record, and your business reputation. If you have any questions about the safe use of scaffolding equipment, we invite you to get in touch with us. NonMech would love to hear from you.

We have scaffolding supplies for sale in Crawley. Call 01483 361154 to discuss stock. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.

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