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Scaffold for Sale in Reading | Should I Buy or Hire Scaffolding Supplies?

Buy or hire, NonMech is the name to trust for construction supplies and scaffolding equipment. Working out of our own yard in Guildford, we already have an established reputation in nearby Reading. Add to your own scaffolding supplies by using NonMech for scaffold boards, tubes and fittings, or protect your workspace with edge protection from SmartGuard®, or with temporary fencing and gates. We have scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale at competitive prices.

Whatever you need, and wherever you need it, we can advise or supply you with anything non-mechanical. When it comes to scaffold for sale, there is nobody better than NonMech.

Many of our customers in the Reading area come from the busy commercial sector, and some will face the dilemma of having to choose between hiring construction supplies or scaffolding equipment and owning it outright. We know that for smaller companies with limited budgets, building and scaffolding supplies don’t come cheaply. But, even so, having to hire scaffold boards, tubes and accessories on a regular basis can significantly eat into any profit made on the job.

Add in the cost of security barriers, temporary fencing, beams, ladders and safety gear, alongside contractor wages, and there’s never much left for future investment. Do you save money and keep on hiring materials, or do you optimise your income by buying your own building and scaffolding supplies?

Because we have scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale, we can make this dilemma easier to manage. Use the following information as a guide.

You may not require a scaffold for sale service. Instead, hire construction supplies and scaffolding equipment if:

  • Your project in Reading will last less than 3 months
  • The build is over 20 feet in height
  • The property has a difficult shape to negotiate
  • You need something uncommon, like temporary fencing
  • You don’t know how to construct scaffold boards and tubes

Consider buying your building and scaffolding supplies if:

  • A project in the Reading area runs for 3 months or more
  • Scaffolding on the job is lower than 20 feet in height
  • The building has simple lines and elevations
  • You use security barriers and temporary fencing regularly
  • You have experience in scaffold boards, tubes and systems

NonMech has scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale which you can use to work at height both safely and profitably.

While the points above can help you to make a more informed decision between buying and hiring, you may want to consider hiring a qualified scaffolder, temporarily, on projects in Reading with a duration of longer than 3 months, but where the build has an awkward shape. This way, you can still profit from buying construction supplies and scaffolding equipment.

For anything else, you won’t need a scaffold for sale service. Instead, just hire scaffold boards, scaffold tubes, temporary fencing and accessories as and when you need them. Long-term, you will always make more profit from your projects if you can afford to buy building and scaffolding supplies. Giovanni and Jason can help customers in the Reading area by creating them a package from scratch or, if they already own equipment and just want to add to it, we assist with that too.

We can help you with anything non-mechanical.

We have scaffold tubes and scaffold boards for sale in Reading. Call 01483 361154 to discuss stock. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.

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