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Scaffold Tubes and Scaffold Boards for Sale in Woking | Stopping Access to Scaffolding

NonMech has scaffold boards for sale. We can also supply your projects with scaffold tubes and with ancillary scaffolding supplies. All scaffolding equipment presents a hazard to those who aren’t trained or competent enough to use it, but there are more dangers to consider when the tower is set up in a residential area. It can be a magnet for children looking to climb it, or for opportunists looking to steal parts.

You have a responsibility to take any precautionary steps to stop the public accessing scaffolding towers on sites in the Woking area. NonMech has scaffold for sale, and the extra scaffolding supplies required to keep the public safe.

In truth, very little will halt anybody determined to steal your scaffolding equipment or vandalise your site, but we can give you advice on preventative measures which will stop a member of the public wandering onto or near a tower and injuring themselves accidentally. With scaffold boards for sale, and scaffold tubes, NonMech has a commitment to site safety and does everything possible to protect people.

Here are some basic tips to keep sites in Woking safe.


Protection and security will depend heavily on the location of a site, the nature of the work, and any scaffolding equipment or scaffolding supplies you use. Perform a risk assessment to identify safety issues, and work to method statements so that you are suitably prepared to stop all unauthorised access.


• If the tower is in a private or public area
• How often the site will be unattended
• The number of access points and site privacy

NonMech has scaffold for sale, but we do stock fencing, gates and barriers to help prevent site access in the Woking area.

Fencing and Barriers

With fencing, gates and barriers, take time to secure the site perimeter in its entirety. Any containment used needs to be continuous and fixed into place. Secure fences and barriers where needed to stop people squeezing past gaps. Have a trained member of staff check containment regularly to ensure everything is in order and a good state of repair.

Do not leave scaffolding equipment, or skips or plant, next to fencing, gates and barriers. This will stop people climbing.

Store Ladders Away

NonMech has much more than just scaffold boards for sale, or scaffold tubes. Anything you need for safe contractor access at your Woking site is available through us including ladders. Make sure internal ladders and ladder towers that are not in use are stored away under lock and key if possible. This removes the temptation for children to climb a tower.

If you need to keep scaffolding supplies in place, at least make sure they are clamped to the tower or the structure.

Ladder Guards

Ladder guards are important items of scaffolding equipment to use if it isn’t feasible to store ladders away outside of business hours. These are metal plates which hook over a wide span of the ladder, secured with a padlock, to stop people from climbing and potentially causing injury to themselves.

With ladder guards, you must:

• Lock them with a padlock. Never lash using rope
• Make sure they cause instability if climbing
• Cover a minimum of at least six rungs
• Ensure handles do not offer alternative footholds

We have much more than just scaffold for sale. Ladder guards are an important part of our stock inventory and a vital addition to scaffolding supplies used on projects in Woking.

Access Control Systems

Make sure risk assessments and method statements factor in any appropriate actions, or equipment, to stop unauthorised site access. This doesn’t necessarily need to relate to scaffolding equipment. It can also include surveillance equipment, or the assignment of security personnel to actively monitor your site outside of weekday working hours, or over the weekend.

You may wish to consider the following:

• Closed circuit television (CCTV)
• Access control systems with keypads
• Access control systems with swipe cards
• Manual gates and site access with a guard

Having scaffold boards for sale, and scaffold tubes, is only the tip of the iceberg here at NonMech. We have a duty to our Woking customers to make sure they are protected when using scaffolding supplies, and that they have the resources in place to stop members of the public accessing their sites.

Dramatic as it may sound, a vigilant approach to stopping any unauthorised access could save lives, and it could stop your company from being prosecuted, fined or even closed. Call us to discuss scaffolding systems and safety equipment today.

We have scaffold for sale in Woking. Call 01483 361154 to discuss stock. Alternatively, call Giovanni on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.

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